Our Passion

We have a real passion for helping people. So while we're about fitness, we're also about doing what is actually going to work out for you in the long run. We seek to make a lasting impression, not just a blip of a memory of 'that time' you made a change but it never stuck. We realise our passion through working towards two goals:


Instigate and support ongoing individual change through improved movement, knowledge, fitness and confidence.


Grow fitness positive cultures that foster and sustain the development of individuals fitness positive lifestyles.

Our Style

If you haven’t exercised in a small independent fitness centre before it’s not like a gym. As a small centre we are more flexible, and more in tune with our Member’s needs and wants.

With us there’s no bull, no fluff, no fuss. Ours is a down-to-earth, no ego, coaching style of fitness instruction. Our Members are down-to-earth, honest and real; our Trainers are experienced, grounded and friendly; and our focus is on fitness as part of a healthy lifestyle, not as an obsession that takes over your life.

We’re about overcoming complacency and stagnation as much as we’re about promoting better eating and increased activity.

We’re honest and transparent, and we’re here to get in and get our hands dirty along with everyone else.

Our Focus

PURE WILL is primarily about encouraging and supporting healthier ways of living. We assist with weight loss, guide nutrition and coach better movement practices.

Our focus is on quality over quantity to minimise injury and keep our Members in the game of sustainable eating and exercise habits. This is the secret to lasting results. We dish out our advice honestly, firmly, but positively.

We never give up first and we know how hard fitness and weight loss journeys can be.

Our Members

All shapes and sizes come to Pure Will. Our age bracket spans from teens to over seventy! And it’s not uncommon for them to be working out side by side. Fitness levels vary from uber fit to first timers.

Everyone, all fitness levels, are challenged by our sessions. And everyone, all fitness levels are welcome and encouraged.

Why Choose Pure Will?

  • Service

    We invest back into our Membership, not in refreshing a constant turnover of Members. We have high retention rates and weekly class participation rates worth bragging about. In other words, our priority is our Members at every turn and we are constantly making things better!

  • Honesty

    We tell it how it is. Sure, we’re a business, but we aren’t out ot make a profit off anyone’s gullability or plea for help. We don’t fudge the possibilities to make sales, we don’t upsell and we’re transparent with the truth about weight loss and fitness. We give advice you might not want to hear, because it’s true, not because it will sell you a product or program. No marketing hype or misdirection from us.

  • Coaching & Education

    Our approach is to coach and inform, so our Members move better, avoid injury and discover real improvement. We’re about personal development as much as about delivering cracking workouts.

  • Culture

    At Pure Will there’s always something a little extra going on. Rock climbing, touch footy teams, running and walking groups, obstacle courses, seminars, new class styles and more. Ours is an active, fitness positive culture. This is intentional, as it will rub off on you and help you integrate more activity into your life!

  • Integrity

    We strongly stand by our philosophy that fitness should enhance your lifestyle, not take over your life. Quality counts more than quantity and healthy weight is about balance. We foster a healthy attitude towards movement and eating.

  • Variety

    Our session styles and workout vary constantly. Workouts change every single session. We’re not afraid to change and try new things. Because of this you won’t get bored, your body will always be challenged and we all avoid complacency and stagnation.

  • Personal Touch

    We’re a small facility with the ability to get to know you. We’re flexible and accessible. We put the Personal back in Personal Trainer.