PureWill Fitness Studio COVID-19 Safety Plan

At PureWill Fitness Studio we value the health and safety of the members of the PureWill Community. Our COVID-19 Safety Plan was developed in accordance with the Fitness Australia recommendations and the NSW Government, to set in place procedures to protect our PureWill community.

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan outlines the actions we have put in place to minimise exposure and reduce the rate of transmission of COVID-19 in our Studio. By following the actions within our COVID-19 Safety Plan we aim to reduce the likelihood of disruption to our business at PureWill Fitness Studio and to our members’ ability to attend classes and personal training sessions. Our plan outlines the responsibilities of our PureWill team and our members and guests.

Our COVID-19 Safety Plan will only work if everyone takes responsibility for their actions. While the PureWill team will endeavour to provide a safe environment, it is the members’ responsibility to follow all directions while in the Studio. This includes:

1. Observing our physical distancing arrangements

2. Performing good hygiene practices, cleaning and disinfecting equipment

3. Advising of any travel, and completing our COVID-19 Self Declaration Form

4. Observing our policies when you are unwell

5. Keeping track of staff, members, guests and visitors.

Observing our physical distancing arrangements

To meet the NSW Government requirements for social distancing we have limited our class numbers to 12 participants + 1 trainer per class in our main studio. Our main studio is marked out with tape to indicate the training space allocated to each class participant – a 4 square metre space.

Participants are to use the ‘tram track’ between the training spaces to move to and from their space and through the trainer’s space, to access equipment or enter or leave the facility.

Staff, members, and visitors are asked to observe the minimum 1.5 metre distancing at all times within our Studio, or in the car park prior to entering or on leaving.

Toilet and Shower facilities:

  • The use of shower facilities – members are asked to limit the use of the shower until further notice.
  • Toilet – if the toilet is occupied, one person may wait in the alcove, 3rd and subsequent persons must wait outside the alcove while observing the 1.5 metre social distancing.

Good hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting

Good Hygiene starts with good cleaning habits. Hand sanitiser is available at the front and rear entrance to the Studio and all staff, members and guests are asked to use the hand sanitiser upon entering the premises.

Hand sanitiser is also provided at each training station in the Studio for the convenience of each class participant and should be used regularly.

Members must use the disinfectant spray and paper towel located in their allocated training station to clean all equipment before and after use in the class. We recommend members use a mat for exercises conducted on the

floor. If you forget your mat, we will provide one for you to use, and keep for future classes.

We have continued our regular cleaning regime which includes cleaning floors and surfaces with disinfectant daily, with particular focus on frequently touched surfaces.


If you are planning to travel out of area please contact us for a copy of our COVID-19 Self Declaration Form and instructions on submitting the form. Based on the information provided on your completed form we will advise you if you are able to start attending classes after you return from travel.

Keeping Track

We use PTMinder and attendance sheets to record who has been in the Studio. We would use the information collect about your attendance to advise the authorities for contract tracing purposes should there be a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 among our members, guests or staff.

To further assist with contact-tracing we encourage members to download the COVIDSafe app.


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