Making Change in 2017

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There’s a tumult of baseless advice on goal setting flooding into the internets right now. I’ve tried to have a say and toe the line somewhat. But that’s getting boring. Let me lay it out for you nice and simple.

For one, do you want it? Do you want it bad enough? If you want it, the progress happens. You push to plan, insist on execution and drive for progress. My tip, unleash want and be propelled forward. Put energy into giving a damn. This can be more draining than you would think.

What’s stopping us often isn’t the how. Nor the why. Not even the what. It’s fear of caring enough about it that you drive and push and hurt and sweat and persist. If you allow yourself to want and need, you will find the how, search out the why and explore the what.

Next, do you actually want it? Are you sure? Is it going to fulfill you? Or, fulfill what society makes you think you need? Think carefully. Will it give you a happier, long lived, healthy life, or will it serve only to make your selfies look better? While you’ll note the cynicism, know we’re in this together. I’m not immune either. Get smart with what really matters.

Consider also; are you desperately escaping or intelligently building? I’m the guy that throws entire lifestyles away to start afresh. For me, it’s easier to chuck it all in the bin and start from scratch. It’s exciting, but wasteful. After realising this, I now resist the urge. Better is to take what works, transition out what doesn’t, and squeeze as much value out of all of it as possible.

You don’t need to abandon all hope. You need to relish what is currently good and toughen up to steadily shave away what isn’t. You’ll either make room for more good, or find you have energy and time to make what was good even better.

One last thing to factor in. The world around you. It’s against you. Not like in a zombie-Jumanji apocoplypse kind of way, more of a salmon swimming upstream dodging brown bears sort of way. We live in, wait for my buzz term of the month, an ‘obesegenic environment’. This means the environment we live in promotes weight gain and stifles weight loss efforts.

You’re not lazy, stupid or lacking discipline. You’ve been conned and now have to put energy and time into resisting the majority of the influences coming at you from the direct environment around you.

The fantastic news here is that humans possess an incredible capacity to influence their environment. We have literally changed the face of the planet; you definitely have the ability to change your home and work.

Rather than bash yourself up for being weak, flabby and unable to keep up with the prancing 22 year old fitness model life coach (is the sarcasm obvious?), put time into changing that which changes you.

If you choose not to become a rambling hermit in the bush, there will always be temptation and you’ll always need discipline. You can make it easier on yourself, though the change making can be just as tough.

This 2017 let’s get deeper. Let’s slip below the superficial and create some depth. Let’s have courage. Let’s have faith. Let us all have the guts to be honest with ourselves and the resilience to make it stick.

– Coach Will

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