For ANY body? Yes, really! We're simply here to share our joy of running through coached run sessions. That's the absolute bottom line.

I'm just starting... Great! This could very well be a life changing decision. We work with beginners ALL the time. We'd love to have you along.

Not a beginner? No worries. We’re not either. Our coaching team includes ultra distance athletes with multiple 100km events completed, competitive runners and coaches with elite endurance experience.

So, me too? Absolutely. The biggest question we get is, ‘can I do this?’. With patience, some courage and plenty of support, yes, you can! The biggest misunderstanding about our running groups is that we're chock full of elite runners sprinting off into the distance to win races. It's not like this at all.

The point isn’t how fast. It’s not about comparison. It’s about you, and how we can open up the world of running to see what it can offer your health and wellness.


Supplementary training specifically aimed at developing stability and strength in all the right places.

Appropriate for all levels,from absolute beginners to long term, highly experienced runners.

If you’re serious about a more stable, reliable running body, strength training is a must.


Pure Will Running also organises group participation in a number of events across the year. For bigger events, like Ultra Trail Australia, we even have a training squad with specified weekend training runs organised to help our runners prepare.

Get in touch for more information.


Signing up: Pure Will Running Groups follow the ACT School Term. Participants register per term or buy a session pass that expires at the end of term.

We tend to follow the ACT School terms for timing.

Full Members of the Pure Will Fitness Studio get running as part of their package (no extra cost on an Open Membership).

Mid-term intakes: We DON’T want to create more blockages to helping people run, so don’t wait if you have found us mid-term! Please get in touch to see if we can sneak you in!

At Sessions, you have a Coach who has a point or two to teach that session, often about running form and technique, but sometimes nutrition, race tips, event preparation, or just generally about getting fitter.

Then they guide you through your warmup and workout.

Most sessions are variations of an interval set – bouts of running split up with complete or active rests.

The way we structure our sessions, all levels of runners can engage in the same session and get a running workout specific to their fitness level.

No one holds any one up or slows anyone else down.

Group size? Groups are anywhere from around six to 20 runners. Any more than that and we’ll have another Coach on hand (or limit the size of the group).

How fit do you have to be? There are no speed or fitness requirements. We don’t really believe in ‘typical’ so what ever you’re bringing, you already have the right stuff!

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Group Times and Locations

**All Term 1 Afternoons will be 6pm – 7pm due to summer temperatures**

We are currently in Term 1.

Area | Times | Coach

Freebody Oval
Monday Mornings
Coach Laura
600am – 700am

Farrer Trails or Mt Taylor
Trail Running Focus
Monday Evenings
Coach Shiree
6pm - 7pm

Cooleman Ridge Trail entrance (Namitjira Dr)
Trail Running focus
Tuesday Evenings
Coach Kristy
6pm – 7pm

City Area
Lake Burley Griffin
Wednesday Evenings
Coach Shiree
6pm – 7pm

Womens’ Group
Reid Ovals – Trail Focus
Behhind the War Memorial
Tuesday Mornings
Coach Shiree
600am – 700am

Group Strength Training
Mawson Playing Fields (Woden Valley Soccer Club clubhouse)
Tuesday eveneings
530pm - 630pm

Not operating this term

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